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Our organization is involved in numerous projects that aim at bringing a positive change to the body of Christ and community

As we strive here to create the infrastructure necessary for the self-sufficient communities there are daily needs for assistance with food and water, healthcare, education, orphan and vulnerable children care, agriculture programs, Bible/Discipleship Training and church leadership development. Living in the midst of all this, we try to assess best how to use every dollar in the most effective way. Nevertheless, at any time you can direct your funds to a project of your choice.

Home Based Care

This in no way negates the value of helping those we can. The realization that someone on earth cares and is willing to help provide food, or medicine or educational helps to their children speaks volumes to a destitute father or mother, and gives them a renewed sense of hope and encouragement to keep pressing on. This area of our work does not ignore the spiritual needs of the poor. Knowing that in most cases the poor are not only physically hungry, but also hungry for the things of God, we try to help meet this need as well under our Home based care program. We help families and children in their homes. Light of Hope Missions therefore provides opportunities for the people we work with to hear the Gospel and learn more about God from a Biblical perspective. For $600 you can help our ministry cater for the needs of the less fortunate families in our communities each month.

Suggested gift: $600

Train and equip a pastor/leader

The goal of Light of Hope Missions is to build up the body of Christ while we meet physical needs in various communities. In order to do that, we partner with two local Bible schools that train pastors. We believe that these local men of God who already know the customs, language and traditions of their village are the most capable person to reach their communities for Christ. The program is a 2 year course load where students learn doctrine, and are taught how to run and grow a church. For $500 you can provide training for a pastor for the whole 2 year course. He will leave Bible school with a deeper understanding of God and the tools to reach people with the truth of God’s love.

Suggested Gift: $500 for 2 1/2 year course

Bibles for New Believers

God’s Word in Swahili
Most believers in Kenya do not own their own copy of the Bible in their own language. If we want people to trust in Jesus and to grow as disciples, it is important for them to have a personal copy of His Word to study at home. To give a Bible is to give a gift that will bring eternal returns. Each Bible only costs $15.

Suggested gift: $15


Motor Bikes for Pastors
Many pastors walk miles from their home to their churches, to visit church members or to shop in the village center. Many travel by foot to other remote villages to start new works. Light of Hope Missions wishes to help by providing bicycles for these pastors. For $1000, we can provide a motorbike capable of handling the rough terrain and access into remote places where cars cannot access to spread the gospel.

Suggested Gift: $1000

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