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You can be part of Light of Hope Missions Team irrespective of wherever you are in the world. You can join us by contacting us through our social media pages, email us, send us a message on WhatsApp or call us and we shall be glad to speak with you. You can volunteer from 2 weeks to 1 year either as a team or individuals, from Kenya or anywhere in the world.

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a. Christian Union Leaders → We are accepting Christian Union leaders and members either currently in University or recently graduated and are on a transition break. We believe that students have a creative way of looking at issues and newly acquired skills and enthusiasm will be instrumental in serving our community better.

b. Community Development Enthusiasts → Light of Hope Missions is about community. Its about inspiring action for transformation. Anyone who is excited about working for the greater good of communities in Africa is welcome.

c. Missionaries or Mission Minded People → Light of Hope Missions focuses on Missions, equipping the church for evangelism and discipleship training, therefore we welcome all those who have a heart to reach the unreached with the gospel fulfilling the great commandment in the great commission.


Light of Hope Missions has no resources to support volunteers and until then, All volunteers will meet their travel expenses. All volunteers will be hosted by Light of Hope Missions in real families and real homes unless its completely unavoidable or the wish of the volunteer to be in a hotel.

NB: Volunteer period is from 2 weeks - 1 Year.


From where you are: We work with people from across the world who identify with our vision and wish to support us achieve it. Reach out to us and express your intention to volunteer. We shall share information to help you identify our needs as well as your resourcefulness in relation to our vision and how you can be of help. Some of the things from wherever you are include input on our strategies, plans, proposals and concepts; Share your stories that inspire through our blog, Connect us to networks that will support our vision, participate in fundraising for our project that seeks to uplift the lives of many in our community.

Come to Kenya!! Whether it is a vacation or an attachment for students or a break from routine to experience something different in Kenya Africa, we will host you. We will share our peoples way of life, we will share our beautiful places and we will share our passion. While you are with us, you will help us in whichever way to pursue our vision, to transform our communities. You will work with us and have fun in equal measure! KARIBU KENYA!!

Support Us You can send us a special gift or a love offering to help us continue reaching out to the needy with the gospel and show love and compassion❤