Founders and Leaders

Welcome to Light of Hope Missions website! Where we focus on missions, equipping the local churches for evangelism, church planting, discipleship training and acts of mercy under our Hope Based Care.
As we strive here to create the infrastructure necessary for the self-sufficient communities there are daily needs for assistance with food and water, healthcare, education, church leadership development, agriculture programs, the aged, orphans and vulnerable children care in our home based care programs.
Living in the midst of all this, we try to assess best how to use every dollar in the most effective way. Nevertheless, at any time you can direct your funds to a project of your choice under our Hope Ministry Programs
We appreciate your consideration to partner with us and also to be part of the best and most widespread Bible/Discipleship Training in parts of Kenya and soon in Africa and beyond.
Our Bible Training Center for Pastors and Church Leaders at Light of Hope Missions is an excellent choice for Ministerial and God centered Biblical training.
This training you get at Light of Hope Missions is an excellent choice for those who desire to learn more about the Word of God and other practical aspects of the ministry. We know it will change your life as it did ours many years back!


Samuel Shiboka

Samuel Shiboka is a former BTCP graduate under Craig and Beverlyn (Life Changing Discipleship Training) and now he is the founder and director of Light Of Hope Missions and Bible Training. His passion is not only to preach the saving knowledge of Christ to the lost, but also to train the believers to step into their God ordained call and position, it is not simply to make converts, but to raise up strong disciples who can equip others.


Ann Samuel

Ann Samuel is a Co-founder at Light of Hope Missions, a graduate in Analytical chemistry, has full knowledge of computer, has worked with Kephis in Analytical chemistrylab, worked as a front desk assistant in clinic, was a volunteer at Pambazuka youth group. Currently she is actively inlvoled in the mission work together with her husband in missions, equipping the church for evangelism, planting new churches and discipleship training as well as improving the livelihood in remote areas in various communities.