Home Based Care


Ann Samuel

Ann Samuel is a Co-founder at Light of Hope Missions, a graduate in Analytical chemistry, has full knowledge of computer, has worked with Kephis in Analytical chemistrylab, worked as a front desk assistant in clinic, was a volunteer at Pambazuka youth group. Currently she is actively inlvoled in the mission work together with her husband in missions, equipping the church for evangelism, planting new churches and discipleship training as well as improving the livelihood in remote areas in various communities.

Hope Based Care Programs


Our home based programs are solely inspired by the need to changing lives of people. These programs range from activities of charity, community development, women empowerment, early childhood support, education for needy children among others.

Our partners are both the local government, the church and the community at large. Anyone can be part and parcel of this process of transformation.

The story of Hope

A bright future ahead is through education.


Zebulon is young man who resides in a village called forkland in Kitale. We met him through a friend whom we fellowship with. In this village where Zebulon resides has a bad history and a bad reputation for years. It is known for violence, early pregnancies and forced marriages to young girls and sell of illicit brew. The village has moral decay and therefore not suitable for raising children. Children in this village engage in dangerous acts as consumption of illicit brew and robbery due to lack of education and proper way of upbringing. When we met him he was infested with jiggers on both his legs and even hands. It had affected his walking style and also his self-esteem. This resulted to him dropping out of school while in grade five. The jiggers had sucked his blood and his health was deteriorating hence resorting to sniffing gum so as to find some sleep at night. He also lives in a mad house which was full of fleas which later grow into jiggers.

Through the help of friends we managed to purchase drugs and started the treatment process in December 2021. We treated him and also sprayed the house to eradicate the jiggers completely. We also purchased some clothes and shoes for him and also we bought him some nice beddings. We managed to get the requirements and took him back to school to join with others after being out of school for 2 years.

On his health he has recovered completely from jiggers and now he is a happy young man in school. Any small donations go a mighty way to support children like Zebulon to be in school.

What we do

Hope Givers Kit

When you donate $50 per month our team under Hope Givers Kit will visit children homes within our communities and share with them a meal, buy them some staffs for use, home clothes, toiletries, books and school uniforms for the needy kids living in those homes.


Hunger Shouldn’t be normal

We have seen what hunger can cause in most of families especially those that do not have someone to help them. The aged and the orphans are the most people suffering with hunger and going to bed with an empty stomach. Most children due to hunger end up missing schools and if they happen to go to school their performance in class is poor since they can't concentrate. Our H❤PE ministry comes in with YOUR generous gift to help vulnerable Children and families within the community who struggle to put food on their tables. Don’t let hunger become normal. Donate today and every $10 will provide $80 worth of food nd essentials for children here in Kitale and around the communities in Trans Nzoia County.


Home Based Care Program (HBC)

We seek relationships with organizations, public and private corporations, foundations, and individuals that share a passion for serving vulnerable family. Light of Hope home based care program strategically engages the local government and community leaders to discuss the true need of the community and to develop a collaborative plan for action. The activities introduced are therefore built on joint participation and combine meeting immediate nutritional, health, and educational needs of children while promoting long-term sustainable change to children, their caregivers and communities.


Sanitary towels

Most girls in our communities miss school due to lack of sanitary towels/napkins. To help offer a solution, we have been distributing disposable towels to most primary schools within our community. We then thought of a better long lasting solution of distributing the reusable sanitary towels. The reusable ones will give us a more opportunity to serve more girls and the benefits of these reusable towels is that girls can maintain them and keep attending school month after month. This will also help donations we receive as a ministry to go further in allowing for lasting impact and then the ministry can also expand to doing some Biblical abstinence counseling to both boys and girls in these schools.


Anti-jiggers campaign

Light of Hope Missions in collaboration with the community has been and is still on the forefront working on eradicating jiggers. we do anti-jiggers campaign which entails identifying a community infested with jiggers. After Identifying we treat them and spray the houses to avoid further infestations. We use the modern treatment methods of eradicating jiggers and we do have trainigs for volunteers to enable them do effective work. After treatment we make a follow-up to make sure we have done a complete work. Where need be, With the help of well wishers we provide some beddings and washing detergents to encourage cleanliness as we teach on hygiene to help the community avoid future infestation of jiggers.



Help for the Elderly

The elderly people in our communities need our attention, care and any kind support. They are our senior citizens in our communities and through our home based care programs we Visit them in their old age and spend some quality time together and by giving our best time and becoming volunteers at their homes, ensuring their well being as we meet some of their basic needs. With a monthly support of $25 one elderly person of our community will receive enough food and his or her medical needs met leading to a better society that cares.


“Helping the Needy” is an area of our work that is often most tangible, and yet it is often the most overwhelming because the need is so enormous. This in no way negates the value of helping those we can. The realization that someone on earth cares and is willing to help provide food, or medicine or educational helps to their children speaks volumes to a destitute father or mother, and gives them a renewed sense of hope and encouragement to keep pressing on. This area of our work does not ignore the spiritual needs of the poor. Knowing that in most cases the poor are not only physically hungry, but also hungry for the things of God, we try to help meet this need as well. Light of Hope Missions therefore provides opportunities for the people we work with to hear the Gospel and learn more about God from a Biblical perspective.