This is the same strategy the Lord Jesus gave when he sent out His 12 apostles (Matthew 10:1,7,8), when He sent out 70 other disciples (Luke 10:1,9) and the commission He gave to all believers (Mark 16:15-18). He told His apostles to pass on to new disciples all that He had taught them (Matthew 28:18-20), which included this strategy of power evangelism. And this is exactly how the Early Church evangelized as recorded through the book of Acts.
We know that all people, educated and uneducated, rich and poor, in urban or rural settings, will respond to the Gospel when it is presented with accompanying demonstration of the supernatural power of God. Nicodemus, a religious scholar of Jesus’ day came to Jesus because he recognized that no one can do such miracles unless God is with Him (John 3:1-2). A man of importance, the Roman Centurion recognized Jesus’ spiritual authority and came to Jesus asking for healing for his servant (Matthew 8:1-13). The Lord Jesus expected entire cities to repent in response to the mighty works He did (Matthew 11:20-26). As we see in the book of Acts, the Early Church impacted religious leaders, governors, spiritualists, intellectuals and many others by the power of God
Evangelism outreaches that Light of Hope Missions conducts are touch-points or opportunities where we can interface with people around us. Our biggest evangelism program is every believer at Light of Hope Missions sharing the Gospel, anywhere, anytime and demonstrating the power of God through healings, deliverance and miracles according to the scriptures. Evangelism is done under the authority of the scriptures alone.