BTCP Curriculum

Bible Training Center for Pastors is a 10-course curriculum training Christian leaders domestically and internationally. Most BTCP students have not been to Bible college or seminary. The goal of BTCP is to impact the local church through spiritual growth with the attempt to find competent instructors in the home country. Graduates are encouraged to begin BTCP on their own to expand the teaching and training.

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Statement On Philosophy
The Light of Hope Missions/Bible Training Center for Pastors was conceived and designed based on certain firmly held beliefs:
1. That the effective training of pastors/leaders must be the first priority of the church in gospel responsive areas of the world.
2. That the traditional Bible college, seminary and extension/ correspondence approach to training pastors/leaders is falling short in meeting the growing need for equipping pastors/leaders in many parts of the world.
3. That basic–level training of pastors/leaders must be:
Bible centered – Relevant
Evangelical – Effective
Conservative – Adequate
Ongoing – Practical
Trans-denominational – Short-term- less than 2 years

4. That while being trained, it is best if pastors/leaders are not separated from their families, culture, or present ministries. 5. That the training should be provided in a strategic location using existing facilities.
6. That the LHM/BTCP should be a complement to existing, traditional forms and methods of providing theological education and training for pastors/leaders.
7. That “contextualization” or “culturalization” is primarily an issue of communication, rather than content.

Potential Students For BTCP

Potential candidates for BTCP are pastors, potential pastors, or leaders in identifiable churches who-
1. Have little formal training such as Bible college or seminary, and who are not likely to receive such training.
2. Are performing or have been called to perform the Biblical function of pastor or church leader.

The criteria for selection of students include the following:
1. Progressing toward spiritual maturity.
2. Involved in local church ministry.
3. Pursuing available appropriate training through the local church.
4. Meeting Biblical qualifications for church leaders.
5. Being recommended and supported by local church and remain accountable to local church.
6. Sensing a definite call to pastor or church leaders.
7. Portraying godly character and conduct.

Curriculum and Concept

BTCP is based on a non-traditional teaching style and designed to provide a unified, self-contained education of 10 basic courses. These courses are designed to provide pastors/leaders with a basic knowledge and skill necessary to adequately and effectively carry out their Biblical responsibilities. The goal of the BTCP program is to foster understanding of and obedience to the Word of God in order to produce life change in conformity to the image of Jesus Christ. Instructional materials used in all courses consist of prepared curriculum materials along with the Bible.

Courses include:

Formative phase: Biblical Foundation Course
1. Bible Study Methods/ Interpretation
2. Old Testament Survey
3. New Testament Survey
4. Preaching Biblical Messages
5. Bible Doctrine Survey
6. Personal Spiritual Life and Pastoral ministry
7. Church Ministry/ Administration/ Education
8. Teaching Principles and Methods
9. Church History Survey
10. Missions/ Evangelism/ Discipleship


Classes are flexible to accommodate the needs of the participants. Students will be required to read through the Bible on an assigned reading schedule. Students will also be required to develop and maintain practical ministry skills while in training.


Upon satisfactory completion of all course requirements, the student will receive a “Certificate of Completion”

About The Author Of BTCP/BTCL

Curriculum materials have been prepared by Dr. Dennis J. Mock. Dr. Mock is an ordained pastor, having served on staff since 1985 at First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, as Minister of Adult Education and Minister of Bible Teaching and Training.

Currently he is the Pastor/ Teacher of Genesis Bible Church, Atlanta. Prior to entering the ministry in 1982, Dr. Mock practiced law in Atlanta for 13 years. He has been married since 1963 and is the father of three children and has five grandchildren

Dr. Mock has written numerous Bible book studies for use in Sunday School and was on the adjunct/extension faculty of Columbia Bible College (S.C.) from 1985-1990. He holds the following degrees: BA (1966) from Samford University; Doctor of Law, J.D. (1969) from Emory University Law School; and MA in Biblical Studies (1984) from Dallas Theological Seminary. He is active in Bible teaching, teacher training, curriculum development and writing, also serving as a conference/ seminar speaker.

2 Timothy 2:15
Study and be eager and do your utmost to present yourself to God approved (tested by trial), a workman who has no cause to be ashamed, correctly analyzing and accurately dividing [rightly handling and skillfully teaching] the Word of Truth.