Bibles for believers


Bibles are needed now than ever.

New Believers across the communities we have reached with the gospel during this lock down due to Covid19 need a Bible. Bibles are one of the only ways to still get hope and help them in their discipleship training as well as grow in their personal spiritual life. And nothing provides hope like the living Word of God.

The demand for Bibles is at an all-time high.

Will you help us meet the need ?

There is a need for Christians to learn and grow in their faith but millions have little opportunity for this due to lack of access to materials, education, etc. Today there is a serious lack of Bibles and study materials, as well as a lack of biblical training and discipleship. We seek to help strengthen the Body of Christ through a number of avenues:

• Evangelism Training and Outreach
• Pastors and Church leaders Training
• Discipleship
• Development of Contextualized and Translated Ministry Materials. e.g Bibles in local languages.

Please give generously today and your gift will be DOUBLED and thanks to a matching grant!

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